IP Phone (Hosted PBX)

Whether you are 2, 20 or 200 employees, our VoIP system is the right solution for your business . With the ability to handle hundreds of users, you can rely on our VoIP system to provide an award-winning business phone solution to all your employees.


Why VoIP is better for your business

You get more features to generate more sales

The reality of landline business phones is that they come with limited functionality. Sure, large businesses had the luxury of features simply because of their size to pay for more functions, but VoIP levels the playing field. Features like a virtual receptionist, on-hold call music, extension dialing, call routing, call forwarding, the list goes on, are all enabled through VoIP.

You save more to increase your bottom line

With a traditional landline, as we alluded to, every feature you want typically comes with an added monthly cost. Operating VoIP is cost efficient because functionality is delivered through software applications.

You get to be mobile

One of the most interesting outcomes of VoIP is that you can take your business phone number with you. Through apps, you’re able to make, receive, forward on, and do many other functions because the features are as we said, programmed. And so, the ability to make your smartphone 2-phones-in-1, enables your employees to capitalize on more sales opportunities.